Let It Rain | Bukkit Plugin

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be caught in a rainstorm of pigs falling from the sky?

Let It Rain is a project my brother and I started as a joke because we thought that being caught in a storm of falling pigs would be hilarious in Minecraft. In our first version, you could only rain pigs. People liked it so much we added everything else that was affected by gravity, and more. It now has over 40,000 downloads and we would like to thank everyone for the feedback, support and love.

With Let It Rain, you will be able to spawn massive storms of mobs over yourself or other players. You can control the creature type, the amount, the radius and the target. Raining TNT, arrows, snowballs and all blocks/items also available. LetItRain generates a config.yml which lets you edit the blacklist, the default values and the message that will be displayed when a command is called. Other fun commands also available!

Renders and plugin have been made by my brother and myself.

For more info and download link, check out the official thread.